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Our Programs


Springbok Cares brings together the entertainment, technology and medical industries to provide care facilities with state of the art infrastructure, staffed programs and curated content libraries to help improve the lives of their patients. Using immersive technologies, such as Virtual Reality, our programs take individuals out of the confines of the hospital environment and into healthy escapist entertainment.

As a non-profit corporation, Springbok Cares primary goal is to provide the best experience possible for the patient population. Our corporate structure is designed to allow us the flexibility to utilize the latest content and technology currently available. This assures that we will always deliver the most beneficial programs for the patients.



Springbok Cares gives patients access to unique and and incredible content. Working with studios, publishers and talent, our programs provide patients with organized libraries of content that assure them a positive, enjoyable and fulfilling experience.



Springbok Cares works closely with our medical and facility partners to assure that each patient's individual needs are evaluated and incorporated into their program experience. 


Springbok Cares' programs seeks out the best technology available. We work with leaders in the industry to identify and implement new and cutting edge tech that can help patient experience. 

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